Looking for a great vacation rental manager?


Are you getting the kind of attention you deserve from your current management company?  Or, are you thinking it might be time to offset the high cost of vacation home ownership with short-term rentals?

We are a local, hands on, full-service marketing and management company in Summit County, Colorado.  We have over thirty years of experience and are in it for the long haul.  Relationship is important to us, so we will always be your sole point of contact. You’ll never get the run-around from a disinterested employee.

Best of all, we offer a very competitive all-inclusive management fee of just 29%.  All-inclusive means we won’t nickel and dime you to death like some companies do. 

Our low, 29%, all-inclusive fee includes:

  • Global Marketing Reach- First, there’s our state-of-the art website allowing guests to view availability and book instantly, 24/7. Second, we partner with the leading vacation rental channel manager, NextPax, to offer seamless real-time connectivity to over 300 vacation rental booking sites across the globe.  By picking and choosing from these many options we can generate just the right amount of activity to help you achieve your income goals, big or small.  Lastly, we have achieved Premier Partner status with VRBO, and Superhost status with Airbnb, two of today’s most popular booking sites.  This designation greatly improves your property’s visibility, whenever a prospective guest visits those sites.
  • Exemplary Guest Services- Happy guests give great reviews, and great reviews drive more bookings.  Great customer service also creates loyal customers who come back again and again.  We go out of our way to make the reservation process as easy and painless as possible.  And, we try to anticipate a guest’s every need before they arrive.  Once they’re in-house, we go above and beyond to resolve an issue should one arise (check-out our guest testimonials tab on our website).
  • Website Owner’s Portal- With your own personalized credentials you can log-on to our website anytime and take charge. View the booking calendar, block stays and track income.  Print-out year-end tax information at your convenience. It’s all there, right at your fingertips.  Of course, we’re also always available to answer questions via phone or email.   
  • Meticulous Housekeeping- Nobody wants to stay in a home with crud in the corners. Our housekeeping staff is the best in the business.  We pay them a competitive living wage and ask a lot.  Each property is assigned an experienced housekeeper who will become familiar with your home and conduct an exemplary clean each time.  Fresh, crisp towels and linens. A double layer of top sheets enveloping each bed blanket in a sanitary cocoon.  Individually wrapped kitchen sponges to eliminate smelly bacteria.  Little details that add-up to expectations exceeded.

    Damage Protection- We are very particular about who we invite into your home. All guests are required to sign a comprehensive Rental Agreement, outlining the dos and don’ts (see a copy on our website under “about us”). And, you must be at least 25 to execute the Agreement. But, let’s face-it, occasionally a guest screws up and breaks something. Consequently, we require all guests to purchase damage insurance with their reservation or provide us with a cash security deposit.  Our staff is well trained to spot damages and report them, with pictures, right away. When we find anything awry after a guest checks-out, we immediately pursue a claim. 
  • Rate Analysis- We systematically cull Summit County vacation rental data to insure our rental rates are competitive. Not too high, not to low.  The goal here is to maximize bookings without leaving money, your money, on the table. Rates are fine-tuned according to the season, day of the week and historical demand.
  • Free Maintenance- This is where many other management companies miss the mark. With Journey West you receive up to two-hours per month of free minor maintenance. You won’t pay to remedy guest maintenance issues like say…lockouts, no TV/internet, a clogged toilet, or an extinguished pilot light.    
  • Free Guest Supplies- Guest amenities like; toilet paper, tissues, body wash, shampoo, soaps, trash bags, kitchen sponges, coffee and filters, dish soap, dishwasher pods, laundry detergent, fabric softener, paper towels etc., are all on us!
  • Guest Feedback- Our “We Need You” comment card program provides us with valuable guest feedback on your property. It helps us identify any maintenance, amenity or other property issue and get it resolved before it becomes a bigger problem. In addition, we solicit reviews from all departing guests and link their comments directly to our website.  

Suffice it to say, we’re confident in our ability to provide you with five-star service and a fantastic bottom-line.  Perhaps even better, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is well cared for.

If you’d like to take the conversation further, please shoot us an email or call and introduce yourself.  We look forward to it!

All The Best!

Dave & Katie